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Auto Tunnel GG is a program for HTTP tunneling ideal for games for internet
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Auto Tunnel GG is a program for HTTP tunneling. It allows you to carry a payload over an incompatible network and provides a secure path through an entrusted network intercepting the TCP and UDP communications using tunneling servers. It is capable of tunneling any application bypassing restrictive firewalls, proxy servers, and packet shaping ISPs. It is ideal for games that connect to the internet protected by GameGuard anti-cheat system. Some applications/games that supports AutoTunnel GG are: Cabal Online, City of Heroes, City of Villains, Dark Age of Camelot, Dungeons & Dragons Online, EverQuest II, Final Fantasy XI, Gunbound, HellGate: London, Lineage I & II, LotR Online, MapleStory, Mu Online, PlanetSide, Ragnarok, Silkroad Online, Star Wars Galaxies, and Team Speak.
AutoTunnel GG needs PingFu Iris or PingFu UDP to work, depending on the protocol of the application you want to use. The price described is for 1 year subscription. The trial version works only 5 days. It has 20 KB/sec of speed limit, sufficient for gaming and VOIP/IM applications. If your application doesn't run you can contact the company for support. The program needs only 1.4Mb of free space on disk to be installed. After installing the program and accepting the license agreement, the PingFu connection wizard will guide you to detect your network settings, setup a user account, connect to the PingFu service, and it will detect the applications installed on your PC that PingFu supports. In the AutoTunnel GG configuration window you can configure manually or auto detect your connection settings. The Application launcher window shows a list of installed applications but you can add new applications too. The status monitor shows the active connections, event monitor, statistics and the log of the events.

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  • This programs bypass restrictive firewalls, proxy servers, and packet shaping ISPs


  • The trial version works only for 5 days
  • AutoTunnel GG doesn't work alone. It needs PingFu Iris or PingFu UDP to work
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